Another English Theatrical Marathon is History


The International Gymnasia Theater involving the students of grades 1-4 and 6 as actors invited their classmates, parents, friends, and teachers as viewers to the incredible performances on May 29, 2019. Among the teachers who prepared the plays with their students were Y. K. Rabenko, L. M. Erdman, A. O. Kalieva, and O. M. Omelyanenko. Especially exciting was the staging of "Alice in Wonderland" prepared by O. M. Omelianenko teaching in grades 4-A and 4-B. Young actors played with pleasure. They not only learnt all the words extremely well, but also paid significant attention to English pronunciation and intonation. Actors skillfully danced the cattery, which envoked the burst of applause among the audience that was particularly impressed by the performance of Little Bug - SKIBIDI. As for the students of 2A and 2B grades who this year participated in the staging of the English folk tale "The Gadfly's Palace" for the first time, for them the performance on the stage of the gymnasia became a sort of dedication to the life of our school theater and brought tons of happy moments and experiences. It wasn't only the students of 1, 3, and 6-B grades taught by Erdman L. M. who readily joined the preparation of "Three Little Kittens", and "Peggy the Pintsize Pirate". Their parents, just as those of all other groups, helped with creating props, decorating the stage and finding costumes for the little characters of the plays. Teacher Y. K. Rabenko with her 4th grades staged "The Chronicles of Narnia", the work of K. S. Lewis, equally popular with children and parents. Children's costumes were simply impressive. They also spoke English with pleasure trying to maintain proper intonation and showed excellent acting skills. So, the gymnasia community definitely enjoys and supports the tradition of such performances in English and Spanish. Hopefully, in the next academic year we will be able to see the performances of this kind and quality in German and French as well.

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The Last Bell of the 2018-2019 academic year has rung!


On May 31, the Last Bell Ceremony for all participants in the educational process of the First City Gymnasia was conducted. Traditionally, it took place in the Friendship of Peoples Palace of Culture. The keynote of this year's celebration was the 25th anniversary of the newspaper 'Gymnasist'. During a quarter of the century the newspaper 'Gymnasist' has become a kind of the chronicle of the greatest achievements of our students, teachers, and alumni. The gymnasia newspaper is one of the oldest printed school publications of the Cherkassy region. The first issue of the newspaper came out of print in 1994. Also during the event, everyone present was able to remember the brightest moments of the 2018-2019 academic year. It really was full of bright celebrations, holidays, competitions, contests, projects, victories and travels. The traditional part included the walk of our leaders, the inauguration of the newly elected president of the gymnasia, the greetings of the elementary and high school alumni, the 4th and 11th grades respectively. Within the 1.5 hours of the event, the participants and guests, who filled the festival hall of the palace up, turned over hundreds of pages of the passing year. 

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Our Philosophers Brought the Silver Medals of the Tournament


The All-Ukrainian tournament of young philosophers and religious scholars was being conducted in the village of Zarvanitsa, Terebovlyan district of the Ternopil region between May 13 and 17. Our team consisting of Katerina Velko, Maria Bichenko and Katerina Duda, led by their teacher V. A. Silenko, won the second degree diploma at this complicated competition. 15 teams from different corners of Ukraine participated in the tournament. Last year, our team received the third degree diploma, which means that we are advancing our skills in such disciplines as Philosophy and Religious Studies.

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American Guest Speaker Visits FCG


When the father of the First City Gymnasia’s American volunteer came to Cherkasy this week, he got a chance not only to visit FCG, but also to work with several of the English classes that his daughter co-teaches.

Barry Scherr, the father of Peace Corps Response Volunteer Sonia Scherr, spoke to three sixth form classes and two ninth form classes. He also was a guest speaker at FCG’s English Club for middle school students. Mr. Scherr, a retired professor from the state of Vermont, talked to the sixth formers about language learning in America and his own experience learning Russian and studying and traveling in Eastern Europe — including Ukraine — in 1969-70. With the ninth formers he discussed the American education system, from primary school through university. During his presentations, students listened attentively and asked sophisticated questions that made clear their ability to express themselves in English.“The students in both the sixth and ninth forms at FCG showed a very strong knowledge of English for their grade level,” he said. “And I was very impressed to learn that all were studying at least one additional language as well.”

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