On December 17 2017, Volodymyr Khandogiy, now a world famous career diplomat but once the alumnus of our gymnasia and its golden medalist, has presented teachers and students with his own recently published book called “Diplomatic plots: The real stories of a career diplomat”.

On almost 600 pages of the work, Volodymyr Dmytrovych is sharing with readers the little-known facts, thoughts, and assessments of the significant events in Ukraine of the last few decades. The book is written in an interesting manner and thus easy to read. Chapter 1 named “This mysterious word “diplomat”” starts with the author’s memories about studying in our gymnasia, which at that time had the status of the Lenin School #1. He remembers the years here with the warmth in his heart and even displays the pictures of the then alumni on the pages of the book.

Today, V. D. Khandogiy, being the president of the civil organization “Ukrainian Association of External Politics”, gladly meets and communicates with gymnasia educators and learners, as well as participates in many of our festivities.

Soon, the book with the autograph of the author on one of the title pages will be available to curious readers in our library.

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Traditionally, on the last day of the year the editorial board of our site and the administration of gymnasia keep themselves busy with summarizing the achievements and most significant events of the passing academic year. The year 2017 has not become an exception. Here is what we have accomplished in it:

1. 10 gymnasia students participated in the Polish-Ukrainian theater project and were well accepted with the performance "OAK" in Cherkasy, Kropyvnytsky, and Kyiv (January-February). 2. Young basketball team of our school won the 2nd prize in the city championship (February). 3. First City Gymnasia was awarded the 1st prize and the golden medal of the International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments-2017”, Kyiv (March). 4. Six gymnasia students have become the winners of the 4th round of Pan-Ukrainian subject Olympiads and the 3rd round of the Small Academy of Sciences contest (March). 5. FCG team “Quorum” is second in the Pan-Ukrainian forum of young philosophers and religious scholars (April). 6. Gymnasia has conducted the 4th regional student conference dedicated to the creative work of the prominent Ukrainian poet and the alumni of our school М. Drai-Khmara in the historical part of the building of Cherkasy Musical School (April). 7. The newspaper “Gymnasist” was recognized as the winner of the ХХ annual school media contest held Mykolaiv in the nomination “The best material on the topic of international cooperation in Ukraine” (April). 8. We welcomed the French diplomats Fabrice Peutot and Sylvain Rigeaulet, and our own 11-grader Maria Samokhvalova was awarded with the certificate allowing her to live, study, and work in France (May). 9. The school organized the Go Camp-2017, the language study camp and involved the volunteers from Canada, Honduras, and Germany (June). 10. FCG received the silver medal of the Pan-Ukrainian contest conducted by the Institute of a Gifted Child called “School is the source of talents” (June). 11. The website of the gymnasia Euroclub “New Generation” was acknowledged as the best by the Delegation of the European Union (July). 12. The principal of gymnasia was invited by France Ambassador in Ukraine Isabelle Dumont to the meeting with dedicated to the 25th anniversary-of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries (July). 13. The group of gymnasia students took part in the Polish-Ukrainian cinematographic project in Mrocha, Poland (August). 14. Language Center FCE has been reformed and changed its name to be called Cambrdge Essol Centre “Olympus” (September). 15. Gymnasia welcomed a volunteer from China Chan Pen who became the teacher of the Chinese language for our 5-graders (October). 16. FCG German teacher N. K. Karnaukhova has become the winner of the city contest “Teacher of the Year-2018” (October). 17. Gymnasia received Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs equipment within the program “Innovative Schools of the Chercasy region” (October). 18. FCG students Daniel Shyrokov and Eric Mia participate in the military-patriotic project hosted by the 500th separate battalion of the Marine Corps in Mariupol (November). 19. FCG has become the regional center of the international project М-18 (November). 20. FCG teacher N. K. Karnaukhova has become the winner of the regional round of the contest “Teacher of the Year-2018” in the nomination “The German Language” (December).

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English Movie Night


On the 17th of November English Movie Night, an event, supported by American Councils, took place in the First City Gymnasia. Movie night was a part of International Education Week and was organized by the FLEX alumni of 2017. Students from different schools had an opportunity to see one of the best musicals of the 2016 - “La La Land”. All of the guests were glad to come and wished such a night to be a tradition. Organizers want to say thank you to the school administration for an opportunity to realize the idea. They also thank participants for the support and positive responses.

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On the 16th of November, grade 11-A students Illya Lagutin and Polina Masiuk supervised by the principal of our gymnasia participated in the conference conducted by International Relations Lyceum 51 in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The conference was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the membership of this educational establishment in UAS (UNESCO Associated Schools) Project. Our students demonstrated the audience the media presentation about our work and achievements in Interact. Notably, we were the only participants who did it in English, attracting a lot of curious attention of the conference attendees.

The principal spent the day socializing and discussing the partnership perspectives with the guests from Czech Republic and Poland who also were invited and honored the event with their presence, as well as congratulated the principal of the lyceum and the old friend of our gymnasia Svitlana Mykhaylivna Shevtsova. On this day, she repeatedly emphasized the productivity and value of cooperation for both institutions.

On this very day, our delegation paid a short visit to another partner school Lesya Ukrainka Gymnasium #117, where we were welcomed heartily by its principal Veronika Anatoliivna Nidzieva.

P.S. Beside the aforementioned schools, there is one more partner school in the capital – Kyiv Gymnasium of Oriental Languages #1.

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On November 1 2017, the Cherkasy Regional Institute of Post-graduateEducation conductedthe trainingseminar «The realization of competency approach to teaching through an activity approach as a means of ensuring a high level of student’s learning”. The seminar was attended by Chris Curby, an international teaching and assessment expert (Pearson, UK).

Our gymnasia was represented by a group of English teachers consisting of Y. S. Brovchenko, L. M. Basysta, O. A. Duka, Y. V. Momot, N. A. Ovcharova, and V. I. Yulargy.

Special attention was paid to such issues as changes to educational programs and the realization of competency approach to teaching English. The socialand civilcompetency as well as the ability of life-long education were also actively considered and discussed at the seminar. Our teachers were introduced to three basic concepts: integratedcontent lines, activity approachand achieving a particularexpectedresult.

Despite a large number of attendees of the training, the British methodist managed to engage everyone into interactive participation and cooperation. He also shared his own experience in teaching English at school. The seminar was very fruitful and definitely useful for bettering the skills of our teachers.

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Світлина дня

Юнацька збірна гімназії – чемпіон міста 2018


Про гімназію

Перша міська гімназія — один із найстаріших навчальних закладів України. У 1880 році вона була заснована як чоловіча гімназія. У колишньому приміщенні гімназії нині знаходиться Черкаське музичне училище. 

Приміщення гімназії - цегляні, екологічно чисті. Гімназія має спортивну залу, їдальню, медпункт, достатню кількість навчальних кабінетів, два комп'ютерних класи, WI-FI тощо.

Всі гімназисти навчаються тільки у першу зміну.

Із 1959 року наші учні вивчають англійську мову з першого класу. У 1990 ми відкрили суботню школу для п'яти- та шестирічок, які хотіли вивчати англійську. А у 1994 році було запроваджено вивчення іспанської, французької або німецької як другої обов'язкової іноземної мови для учнів 5-11 класів. Із того часу було багато досягнуто у викладанні іноземних мов. Так у 2008-2009 н. р. середній бал ЗНО з англійської мови становив 10. 7 балів. За всі роки проведення ЗНО гімназисти показують найвищий бал успішності з англійської мови в області. У 2015 році згідно рейтингу УЦЯО наша гімназія була в другій сотні кращих шкіл України за результатами ЗНО-2015.

Перша міська гімназія — Асоційована школа ЮНЕСКО. З 1989 року вона є активним членом програми міжнародного партнерства шкіл.

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