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From March 12th to April 24th 2020, the nationwide quarantine has been announced in Ukraine in connection with the risk of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Secondary and higher educational institutions are closed.

The first city gymnasia works remotely with high school students and teachers.

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FCG is on Vacations


From February 24 to 29 our students are enjoying the intermediary winter vacations. The decision to have an additional vacation period in the end of February was made in October in agreement with the parents of the students of all classes (confirmed during the teacher-parent meetings) and the board of the FCG as well as approved by the relevant order of the gymnasia principal. This work schedule is FCG-specific only, the rest of Cherkasy schools are studying during this time. The resolution to have the intermediary vacations was driven by the fact that the FCG had only one week of New Year holidays. Thus, to conform to the letter of law which reads that the number of mandatory vacation days in Ukrainian schools should be 30 (except summer holidays), the FCG is on holidays now. You can see the school's plan of work for the vacations on our website in the section ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Of course, while the majority of the students are resting, all teachers and support staff are 'in the thick of the battle' at work. The food service unit will be repaired by the school technicians (at the instruction of the State Consumer Service), and teachers will hold a council, and take part in a training organized by the Cherkasy Medical Academy among other events. A large group of high school students are spending their vacations with use taking language courses in England under the supervision of the English teacher A.O. Ukhan (in the photo)


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Public Speaking Competition for Grades 10-11 with the support of LCC International University


On January 13th, our gymnasia hosted the first stage of the International Public Speaking Contest, which is sponsored and supported by LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania. This year, the students of grades 10-11 were offered the topic “Great Leadership and the Power of Self-interest”. The winner of it is a grade 11A student Anastasia Shpak, taught by Y. K. Pais, who will represent our school at the regional stage of the competition on February 18, 2020. This year the contest is held in 8 countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia and Georgia. The winner from each country will receive a ticket and will be eligible for 3-week intensive English language course worth 600 euro at the English Language Institute in Klaipeda. We wish Anastasia such confident victory at the next stage as well!

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The Gymnasia Delegation Participated in the Officer's Ball


For three years in a row now, our educational institution has maintained partnership with the 503rd Marine Corps Battalion in Mariupol. The cooperation began with the regular visits of the gymnasia's traditional festive events by the military unit commanders and deepened in 2018-2019. Several students from our school have even gone through combat training at the marine corps base and received the right to wear their berets.

Today, the Battalion officers occasionally come to assist the teacher of the Fatherland Defense course in conducting his classes and bringing them closer to reality. In addition to that, three times a year, gymnasia students gather and send the marine corps soldiers various goodies and small gifts for the holidays.

At the beginning of December 2019, the command of the military unit honored our input by inviting a delegation from the gymnasia to participate in the traditional officer's ball, which has been held since 2017.

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The Gymnasia Language Center has been recognized


On December 18, the official reception of partner schools and non-governmental educational institutions cooperating with the Cambridge University of Testology "Cambridge Assessment English" took place in Kyiv. Our Principal S.I. Sayenko was present at this extremely solemn event.

One of the important factors of the high school student's performance is obtaining an international language certificate, which acknowledges the level of command of a foreign language and is recognized all over the world.

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