The Royal Mail is off and running


On November 7, our primary school was a lively and interesting place to visit. The Royal Mail began its work in the gymnasia; the foundation of this initiative was laid by the gymnasia principal in the spring at the royal ball.

Specially for this purpose, real postage stamps with the image of the acting Gymnasia Queen and envelopes with our school symbols were made. All primary school students were invited to the opening ceremony, at which the gymnasia principal Serhiy Ivanovych Sayenko addressed everyone with a welcome speech and presented them with a teddy bear toy named Paddington. The Gymnasia Queen Daria Khmelnitska also spoke to the juniors, solemnly cut the red ribbon, received a stamp with her own image from the hands of the Student President of the gymnasia, and invited everyone to have personal correspondence with her majesty. In her speech, she emphasized on the ancient and magical tradition of correspondence with the queen and encouraged everyone to actively participate in this new school tradition.

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One more volunteer will start working with our students


On October 21, Mr. Cap Hensley, a teacher from the United States of America and a PhD from Liverpool University, began his work at the gymnasia. He has lived, taught and traveled all over the US, but for the past several years he has been living and working in America and Ukraine equally. Mr. Hensley will work with the high school students, run the English Club and help most prominent gymnasia students prepare for the Olympiads. His help is completely on a volunteer basis.

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Between October 8 and October 20, 2019, a group of five educators from our region are participating in the Open World program, administered by the American Councils in Ukraine and the Rotary Movement. Our teacher of Computer Study E. A. Kovalenko, his colleague from Kaniv high school T. L. Mision as well as three other young scientists from Bohdan Khmelnitsky National University (S. V. Babenko, V. A. Diduk, and V. A. Litvin) have already spent a week in Washington, where they were welcomed by the American Councils, and since October 14, the project participants have moved to Kansas, where they are now hosted by the local Rotary Club Hutchinson

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Human Resource Management: Gymnasia has got a new Vice Principal


 On September 16, a new vice principal working in the realm of educational activity was appointed by the order of the gymnasia principal. This position is now occupied by Olena Naumenko (, who until recently worked as a teacher of English in school # 31. She is the teacher-methodologist who has the highest qualification category, is the ambassador of the international program E-twinning-plus, and the manager of the program Generation Global among numerous other achievements. She has replaced at this challenging post Nadia Ananieva, an honorary vice principal of our school, who has devoted to the gymnasium 38 years of her life and lifted the educational establishment to a whole new level in terms of teaching and learning foreign languages.

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