Thank you letter to our foreign colleagues


Dear Colleagues,

On 24th February 2022 Russia began a slaughterous war against our country. According to the statistics 303 students out of 720 were forced to flee from Ukraine and had to continue their studies and receive knowledge in many different schools outside our country.

Thank you for providing a shelter and a safe place to our children. I am confident that Ukraine will win and that our students will return back to Cherkasy, their home. We know that we will always remember your care and protection that you showed towards the externally displaced people of our country.

May peace and goodness be with you!

Yours sincerely,

Serhiy Sayenko,

Principal of First City Gymnasia, Cherkasy, Ukraine

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Reconstruction by Diana Shypovitch (Ukraine)


Ukraine Special Dispatch

My fingers are sore from the cold; my coat is soaked with rain. I am clinging to the blue stripe of the flag, trying to stay grounded, keeping my thoughts under control. But they scatter. I am staring blankly at people who prepare for the approaching march, while the white noise from their excitement fills my ears.

Main street is busy during lunchtime. Some, hurried by the rain, throw a quick look at us, before disappearing in the warmth of a cafe. Some stop and scrutinize our procession. Do we look silly? Threatening? Or, perhaps, miserable? Curious, I survey the gathering. Ordinary people with extraordinary hearts—they answered to the plea in the local magazine to join the march.

“Let’s go!” someone cries out, impatient to start moving.

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Today an exhibition of the FCE students' drawings starts in the USA


As we have already informed on our site, on April 24 an exhibition of the pictures of the students and internally displaced children who study in FCG   will be organized in American city Alameda  . The exhibition with the auction is called Sunflowers of Ukraine, the majority of pictures is dedicated to peace and the russian-Ukrainian war .

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Project Speak Together Helped Financially


For almost a year our Gymnasia has been taking part in Project Speak Together, which proved to be very successful. The aim of this English language project is to have a weekly communication with teenagers from different cities of California, learning the language and building friendly relationships. This project is appreciated by both sides a lot. A couple days ago a letter from one of the Speak Together tutors was received. The young teenager raised 200 US dollars and has a desire to donate the money to our Gymnasia. This is his letter:

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Vitalii Deputat on the invaluable impact of FLEX and “accidental” immigration to Canada


What is FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program)? One goes to the United States for an academic year, lives with a host family, attends a local high school, and, basically, gets to know the culture and live the American life. The program covers everything.

The first guest of the Exchange Me podcast, FLEX alumnus Vitalii Deputat shares how much the exchange program changed him and how he immigrated to Canada.

Vitalii took part in the program back in 2001, going to Denver, Colorado, and studying at Chatfield High School. He’s a media buyer by profession and, as he calls himself, an immigrant by accident.

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